Blue Star Beer Darts Are Coming!

Earlier this year, we wrote about the return of flags inside cases of Blue Star beer in Newfoundland. We also wrote that Amy and the b’ys at Labatt hinted about even more promotions coming to one of our favourite domestic beers later in 2021. They did not disappoint! We’ve learned Blue Star beer darts can soon be found in 12-packs.

When Can I Get Them?

We are told that these specially-marked cases should be on shelves in late May/early June 2021. The idea behind this promotion was to provide us Newfoundlanders with something to enjoy while hanging out with our friends in our sheds this summer. Very Newfoundland! That’s certainly something that we can take advantage of to pass time in a summer that will likely still be filled with travel restrictions in and out of the province.

What do the Darts Look Like?

Blue Star beer dart flights

There are three different flight designs to collect. Two use the same designs as seen on the 2020 flags – the logo seen on the case and the Newfoundland tricolour. There’s also a simple white-on-blue logo design.

How Long Will This Promotion Last?

Not long! These Blue Star promotions seem to be short and sweet. We’ll definitely be snatching up a few cases when they hit stores, hoping to collect all three designs before it’s too late. No promises that using these darts will make any improvement to your game, though.

Cheers to summer in Newfoundland and Labrador! We’re going to be throwing around these Blue Star beer darts a scattered time over the next few months.