31 Signs You’re From Newfoundland

You're just as happy drinking in a shed as anywhere else

You don't mind giving up electricity and running water just to be at a cabin

You call VLTs "the waps" or "the machines"

You have more miles on your quad than your car


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Blue Star Beer Darts Are Coming!

Earlier this year, we wrote about the return of flags inside cases of Blue Star beer in Newfoundland. We also wrote that Amy and the b'ys at Labatt hinted about even more promotions coming to one of our favourite domestic beers later in 2021. They di...

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May 24th in Newfoundland

Victoria Day is a statutory holiday in Canada celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25, acknowledging Queen Victoria's birthday. May 24th in Newfoundland is also commonly referred to as "May 24th Weekend" or "May Two-Four", referencing a "two-four" ...

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Is Uber in St. John’s, Newfoundland?

Uber is a ridesharing app which connects riders with drivers. Think of it as the 21st century version of taxicabs. But is Uber in St. John's, Newfoundland?

The company was founded in 2009 and and service started out in larger cities. Newfoundland ...

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Newfoundland Stocks You Can Buy

Are you a fan of Newfoundland and looking for some stock market choices with ties to the province? We are interested in Newfoundland stocks too!

We've collected a list of publicly traded companies which either are headquartered in Newfoundland, or...

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