What is Chips, Dressing, and Gravy?

Order a "chips, dressing, and gravy" anywhere outside of Newfoundland and you may very well end up with some potato chips covered in salad dressing.

Dressing, commonly known as "stuffing" and found inside a thanksgiving turkey, is created from bre...

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Newfoundland Birthday Freebies 2020

Did you know there are businesses who like to give you stuff for FREE on your birthday? We've compiled a list of the various offerings if you live in Newfoundland. Grab your ID, hit the road, and enjoy your birthday without cooking or doing the dishe...

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Favourite Hockey Teams in Newfoundland (NHL)

Favourite hockey teams in Newfoundland

Hockey is huge in Canada, and Newfoundland and Labrador is no different. With no NHL team even in the same time zone, what are the favourite hockey teams in Newfoundland? If you're out and about in this province, you're bound to see two particular lo...

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