Blue Star Beer Flags: Did You Get Yours?

Blue Star Beer Flags

There's no doubt that Blue Star is one of our favourite beers here at Newfoundland Times. We love that you can only get it on the rock. When we got word in June 2020 that there were limited edition Blue Star beer flags around, we knew that we had to ...

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Liquor Sizes in Newfoundland (and Beer too!)

With our own take on the English language and soda, it's no surprise that the way we describe liquor sizes in Newfoundland is often different than how the rest of Canada does. If you're planning to visit Newfoundland, prepare yourself for how we desc...

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The Remixing of Peter Street

The unmistakable sound of traditional Newfoundland music has been a staple of this province's culture for decades. Whether it's enjoyed on the weekend radio shows, at a wedding or party, or just in your shed, Newfoundland's Celtic-influenced music ha...

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What is Chips, Dressing, and Gravy?

Order a "chips, dressing, and gravy" anywhere outside of Newfoundland and you may very well end up with some potato chips covered in salad dressing.

Dressing, commonly known as "stuffing" and found inside a thanksgiving turkey, is created from bre...

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