2020 Newfoundland Provincial Campsite Reservations Postponed

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Newfoundland has delayed the launch of its online campsite reservation system.

Typically, reservations open ahead of the much-anticipated May 24th Victoria Day weekend, but given the current situation, it is uncertain if there will even be a summer camping season period. No information has been provided at this time except to say that any announcements will be made at a future date.

For the up-to-date information from the Newfoundland government rel...

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Lucky Lager Force 8: The New Strong Beer in Newfoundland

We're always on the lookout for how to get the most bang for our buck in the province. While doing our shopping for Christmas 2019 a few months ago, we stumbled upon Lucky Lager Force 8. As the strong beer war has been heating up over the past few years in NL, we decided to grab a pack.
The Recent History of Strong Beer in Newfoundland
It helps to look at the strong beer landscape of Newfoundland in the past few years to understand why Lucky Lager Force 8 exists in the first place. We'll recal...

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Renting a Cabin in Newfoundland

Cabin, cottage, chalet, vacation home, summer home, whatever you call it, they're loved in Newfoundland!

The term "cabin" is what most Newfoundlanders will use, though cottage is quite common in other geographic areas. Either way, we're generally referring to a small house-like structure, usually in a semi-rural or rural area that's meant for a holiday or vacation type use. This could mean as a rental for people who are temporarily visiting, or somebody who owns a cabin may use it frequently,...

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7 Things to Do in Corner Brook Newfoundland

No trip to Newfoundland is complete without a visit to the Western side, where you'll find the beautiful town of Corner Brook with its 20,000 residents, and lots to see and do in the area.

Here are 7 things you can do during your visit!
Try Zip Lining at Marble Mountain
Marble Mountain, one of Newfoundland's fantastic ski hills, operates a thrilling zip line year-round! Take in stunning views with a rush of adrenaline on 9 different lines, which are up to 2000ft long and 285ft high! While y...

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Planning a Newfoundland Road Trip

Road tripping across Newfoundland may be the absolute best way to experience the island.

Since so much of the province's charm is found in rural areas, it's very helpful to have a vehicle. Without one, you'll be limited to either staying on the Avalon where public transit is readily available, or taking a charter across the island. By renting a vehicle or driving your own, you'll be able to get up close and personal with the best of Newfoundland.

One important thing to note is that the isl...

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What to Know About the Weather When Visiting Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a beautiful province with very unpredictable weather! Being an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean causes plenty of rainy, grey, foggy days, even during the warmer summer months. Preparing for all types of weather will ensure you get the most enjoyment from your visit.

Locals seemingly always talk about the weather, largely because there's plenty of subject matter. A common local saying is "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" due to it changing so quickly. A ...

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Waterford Valley Campground Accepting 2020 Bookings

In the past, the only camping option in the St. John's metro area has been Pippy Park, but that's about to change!

For those living in St. John's, a campground in the middle of the province's capital city may seem odd. After all, driving a few minutes down the road to camp in a tent or RV doesn't really feel like a getaway. But, it's all a matter of perspective! For those coming from out of town, out of province, or out of country, it's a different story!

Having a campground in the city me...

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5 Things to Know Before Visiting George Street

Known for having the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America, George Street is the hub of nightlife in St. John's, Newfoundland, with two blocks packed full of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and bars. No doubt that when visiting, you'll drop by George Street at least once!

Here are 5 helpful things to know before your George Street visit!

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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2020 in Newfoundland

With its strong Irish roots, Newfoundland knows how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

This year, the March 17 holiday falls on a Tuesday, though in Newfoundland the local holiday happens on Monday March 16th, creating a long weekend!

As you'd expect, the signature Irish bars such as Shamrock City and O'Reilly's have week-long celebrations and musical lineups, though the biggest crowds will be out on the weekend.

O'Reilly's has a sold-out weekend brunch, a family event, St. Patrick's Day b...

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2020 George Street Festival Lineup

It may still be cold outside, but the George Street Association is trying to fill our heads with warm thoughts by announcing Night 1 of this year's George Street Festival taking place in St. John's on July 30th.

The first of the multi-night celebration will feature music from The Tea Party, Moist, Big Wreck, and Headstones.

You can get tickets starting Jan 24th online here or at North Atlantic stores.

As we get closer to summer and additional lineups are announced, you can be sure to fi...

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