What Does Crush Birch Beer Taste Like?

One of several Crush flavours that are available only in Newfoundland and Labrador, Crush Birch Beer is a cultural icon. Most Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can tell you what it tastes like. If you’ve never been to the province, you might be wondering, “what does Crush Birch Beer taste like?” We’ll answer that question for you today!

Birch Beer is not an easy flavour to describe, and its taste isn’t agreed upon by everyone. But, that’s part of the fun! Let’s run through the three camps that people can generally fall into when when characterizing its taste.

Vanilla and Licorice

Crush Birch Beer

As we can see in the above image, it looks like Crush’s official stance on the Birch Beer flavour is “licorice wrapped in sweet vanilla bubbles.” This image was taken from Crush Canada’s website, which now has no mention of Newfoundland-exclusive offerings. We personally don’t recall anyone actually describing the taste like this, though.

Root Beer and Cream Soda Mixed Together

Plenty of soda drinkers describe Crush Birch Beer as a cross between root beer and cream soda. Some people even think that that is literally what the drink is: root beer and cream soda mixed together! That’s pretty unlikely, but we still think describing the taste like this makes sense. Cream soda is based on the taste of vanilla, and we’ve already seen Crush claim that there is vanilla taste within their Birch Beer.

It’s Just Root Beer

A lot of people can have trouble differentiating between Birch Beer and root beer. Just like the previous theory, this leads some people to believe that Birch Beer’s flavour is just straight up root beer. This is possible, since Browning Harvey Limited (the drink’s manufacturer) produces Mug Root Beer. Much like the previous theory, we really doubt that Birch Beer is just root beer that’s been coloured pink. There’s surely a similarity in taste, though.

What Do We Think Crush Birch Beer Tastes Like?

If we were to describe the taste, we’d say “root beer that’s a bit sweeter.” The aftertaste is also more noticeable when compared to root beer, which has been noted by several soda reviewers online.

The only thing that’s for sure is that Birch Beer tastes awesome. We even created a new alcoholic drink with it! It’s really a taste that you have to experience for yourself.

Try it Yourself

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