Newfoundland Birthday Freebies 2021

Did you know there are businesses who like to give you stuff for FREE on your birthday? We’ve compiled a list of the various offerings of Newfoundland birthday freebies. Grab your ID, hit the road, and enjoy your birthday without cooking or doing the dishes once!

Denny’s Free Grand Slam

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And with the potential incoming landslide of alcohol and cake on your birthday, you’ll want to start off with a good foundation. Head to Denny’s on Kenmount Road in the Sandman Hotel, with your ID in hand, and enjoy a delicious Grand Slam completely free. Be kind and tip your server!

Mary Brown’s Free Big Mary

Yum! This deal is one of our favourite Newfoundland birthday freebies. According to the Mary Brown’s website you should sign up for their newsletter to get this offer. In our personal experience, most locations didn’t ask to see any special coupon and just wanted to verify our birth date. The e-mail “coupon” was generic in nature.

Simply walk in or drive-thru at any Mary Brown’s location, tell them it’s your birthday and you’d like the free Big Mary. You don’t need to buy anything else. Plus, if you’re really hungry, you can hit any number of the various Mary Brown’s locations in the area throughout the day. We don’t recommend visiting the same location twice, but as for multiple locations, that’s fair game. They are always well stocked with some of our favourite drinks, too!

Jungle Jim’s $15 Jungle Bucks

You can swing on into the jungle with $15 in hand at Jungle Jim’s. All you have to do is you sign up for their newsletter. You should sign up for this one ahead of time, since if you’re not on their mailing list for your birthday, you’ll miss out until next year. There seems to be a time period within which you’re allowed to use your free gift. It doesn’t have to be on your actual birthday, but read the fine print for up-to-date details.

Ches’s Free Birthday Meal

Ches’s cooks up arguably the best fish and chips in Newfoundland, and you can get your favorite Ches’s meal for free on your special day! Specific details aren’t visible on their website, so the offer may change, but in the past it has been a meal of your choice, even including dessert! They just ask that you sign up for their mailing list + bring ID confirming your birth date. Visit their website and scroll to the bottom to sign up to their newsletter, and do it before your birthday to make sure you get the offer.

New York Fries Free Regular Fries

Get a delicious helping of fries from New York Fries on your birthday! Just get signed up for their newsletter ahead of time.

Harvey’s Free Burger

Harvey’s gives you a free special gift burger on your birthday, you just need to be on their mailing list. No need to purchase anything else. Sign up here.

Boston Pizza Free Dessert

Boston Pizza gives you a free dessert on your birthday. Plus you can get a bunch of other cool offers for joining their free MyBP loyalty program. There doesn’t appear to be any purchase necessary, though they’re probably assuming you’ll start with some actual food. Find a friend to treat you to pizza dinner then share your dessert with them. Great idea! Get signed up for their free program here.

Milestones, Kelseys, Jack Astors, East Side Mario’s, and Swiss Chalet (with $10 purchase) also offer free desserts on your birthday if you’re signed up for their mailing lists.

Dairy Queen offers a BOGO Blizzard on your birthday for being part of their blizzard fan club.

Are we missing any? Send us a tweet and we’ll add to the list!