31 Signs You’re From Newfoundland


You’re just as happy drinking in a shed as anywhere else

You don’t mind giving up electricity and running water just to be at a cabin

You call VLTs “the waps” or “the machines”

You have more miles on your quad than your car

Jiggs dinner is your favorite meal

You’ve had a wheel demolished by a pothole

You talk about the weather to everyone you see

You’ve found out the hard way that you can’t order “Chips Dressing and Gravy” on the mainland

You’re used to TV shows starting at :30 instead of :00

You know bologna isn’t just for sandwiches

You expect your electricity to be gone at least a few days a year

You love birch beer and pineapple crush

You know somebody who talks like Cecil O’Brien

You learned to drive a snowblower before a car

You know the difference between “out west” and “west coast”

You listen to the Cabin Party and Irish Newfoundland Show religiously every weekend

You know what driving by the Purity Factory smells like

…Or the mill in Corner Brook

You overpay for beer but know that it’s priceless

Beers Only Available In Newfoundland. Blue Star, Quidi Vidi Premium, Molson Extra.

You knew Great Big Sea before they were famous.

You appreciates a plate of Ziggy’s after a night on George Street

Your whole family puts in for moose licenses every year

You’ve bought a scattered Nevada pull tab

You know Newfoundland has more than just one flag


You know what kind of tongues this sign is talking about


You won’t order fish and chips anywhere outside the province

Leo's Fish & Chips

You own at least one piece of clothing from Riff’s

You know the words to NTV’s theme song


You call Victoria Day Weekend “May 24th”

You’ve partied in a trap shack

You may or may not find the word Newfie offensive, but you definitely have an opinion on it