Blue Star Beer Flags: Did You Get Yours?

Blue Star Beer Flags

There’s no doubt that Blue Star is one of our favourite beers here at Newfoundland Times. We love that you can only get it on the rock. When we got word in June 2020 that there were limited edition Blue Star beer flags around, we knew that we had to get some!

How Rare are the Blue Star Beer Flags?

It’s not very often that you see promotional campaigns for any of the Newfoundland-only beers. You can commonly find hats, T-shirts, and a chance to win a prize inside a case of nationally-consumed beer. However, we can’t remember the last time we’ve seen Blue Star advertised, as Labatt regularly chooses to promote their more ubiquitous brands. This indicated to us that these flags were something to be coveted and collected.

The craziest thing about the Blue Star flag promo, though, was how short it lasted. We assumed that the flags would be found inside Blue Star cases for at least a month or so. Boy were we wrong! The flags seem to only have been included in what amounts to one single shipment from the Labatt brewery in St. John’s. By early July, the specially-marked cases had been bought up from every place we checked.

We’ve even seen online classifieds from people looking to buy Blue Star beer flags!

What Did The Specially-Marked Cases Look Like?

Blue Star Beer Flags Box

You might have missed the imaging on the Blue Star case that advertises the flags. At times, we had to turn around multiple cases to find a marked one since the advertisement was visible on just two panels of the case. This is because a sticker was used instead of printing directly on the cardboard.

What Do the Flags Look Like?

Ble Star Beer Flags on the grass

The flags came in two variations. One flag features the Blue Star logo in the middle panel of the pink, white, and green Newfoundland tricolour. The other promotional flag bears a large version of the Blue Star label, which already strongly integrates the flag of Newfoundland.

Where Can I Get One?

Looks like you’re out of luck!  The flags were offered for just a couple of weeks. Since Blue Star rarely ever has promotional campaigns like this one, we wouldn’t expect to see them again any time soon.

Don’t forget the beauty of our regular provincial flag or the tricolour, though. Always great alternatives!