Newfoundland Local Craft Beer Breweries 2023

As with many places, Newfoundland has seen a surge in the popularity of craft beer breweries in recent years.

In the past there has been Quidi Vidi Brewery, although despite their label as the largest craft-brewer in the province, some may argue that it’s in a different league than the newer craft-breweries, which are usually smaller and fall under the microbrewery label. There has also been the longstanding Yellowbelly Brewery & Restaurant which brews more at the scale we’re seeing nowadays with these microbreweries.


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So far, some microbreweries that have opened in the province have struggled to meet demand. Bootleg Brew Company in Corner Brook had to shut down temporarily after their first weekend because they ran out of beer! It’s clear that tourists and locals alike are seeking to try some locally made brews. Compared to other provinces, Newfoundland was slower to the scene with these smaller breweries, so there’s no surprise for the pent up demand.

The neat thing is that many of these microbreweries are in rural areas, bringing in traffic to smaller towns who are benefiting from people who took a detour or special trip just to try the beer. It’s fun visiting new places and trying local beers, now you can be sure Newfoundland has plenty to offer!

If you want to check out some (or maybe even all!) of the craft breweries in Newfoundland check out the list below.


Of course, you could always try making your own beer at home, too. Or, you can try one of the 7 domestic beers you can only get in Newfoundland from a macrobrewery.

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