Top Newfoundland Songs

Looking for some traditional Newfoundland songs to get you in the spirit while you browse the site? Check out our playlist below!

Newfoundland has a strong musical culture with many talented musicians and songwriters. There are many traditional favorites that locals all know the words to. Newfoundland is known for its music and kitchen parties!

Newfoundland music bears a lot of resemblance to Irish music, and can often be identified by its use of instruments such as the accordion, bodhrán, tin whistle, and fiddle.

Songs can range from party jigs to storytelling.

Where to see Live Newfoundland Music

You won’t have to travel too far in Newfoundland to find a local band playing traditional favorites! There are a number of bars and pubs around George Street that feature Newfoundland musicians on stage each day, such as Shamrock City and O’Reillys. You can even sometimes catch the Shamrock City live shows from wherever you are with their live cam!

Depending on when you visit, you may also catch one of the many music and folk festivals that take place across the province each year!