All Dressed Chips Review 2021: Which Are Best?

According to Frito-Lay in 2015, Ruffles All Dressed chips was its best-selling flavour in Canada, particularly popular among young men
Although challenging to pick out the specific ingredients or describe the taste, All Dressed is known to be a delicious mashup of popular flavours like Ketchup, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt & Vinegar, along with a blend of spices. Items commonly displayed on All Dressed packaging include a vinegar bottle, garlic, a tomato, a red pepper, and an onion.

For many years, All Dressed were only available in Canada. After a brief trial-run in 2015, Frito-Lay announced that Ruffles All Dressed would be made permanently available in the U.S. market.

Ruffles is the gold standard when it comes to All Dressed. However, since we love spending wisely, we wanted to find out how the other brands compared. Could we find an off-brand All Dressed chip that competes with Ruffles for a better price?

Rating System

We’re keeping it simple and choosing 1 overall winner to answer the simple question of which brand you should buy.  Each selection will get an overall rating out of 5, which we determined by rating each chip on taste and price, then combining those scores to reach the final number.


Since we’re based in Newfoundland, we are using Newfoundland pricing. Due to transportation costs, some prices we pay may be a little higher than what you can find in other parts of Canada. We are listing regular prices found at grocery stores but will include notes on special pricing, such as sales.

Old Dutch (2.5 / 5)Old Dutch All Dressed chips

Purchase at: Various grocery & convenience stores

Regular price: $2.49

Volume: 255g

Cost per 100g: $0.98

Rippled: No

At 255g per bag, Old Dutch’s All Dressed offering has more volume than most. The downside is that they’re not good, and it actually becomes cumbersome to have to eat so many of them. Even if these were free we’d have a tough time recommending them.


No Name All Dressed chipsNo Name (3 / 5)

Purchase at: Dominion / Loblaws / No Frills / Shoppers

Regular price: $1.79 ($1.50 with Dominion’s 2 for $3.00 price)

Volume: 200g

Cost per 100g: $0.90 at $1.79 ($0.75 at $1.50)

Rippled: No

You may be saving money with these No Name All Dressed chips, but you’re not fooling anyone. As expected, these have that classic look, feel, and taste of a “cheap” chip. The flavour is unmistakably All Dressed, although a bit smokier than other brands we’ve tried. If you’re looking to simply buy a cheap bag of chips to enjoy a salty snack while drinking, the No Name All Dressed will work just fine, but they don’t stand out for price or taste.


Double Dutch Ridgies (3 / 5)

Purchase at: Various, ours came from Sobeys.Double Dutch Ridgies All Dressed chips

Regular price: $3.49

Volume: 235g

Cost per 100g: $1.49

Rippled: Yes

Just when we thought our research was done, we came across this brand of chips called Ridgies by “Double Dutch”. Needless to say, after finding out that these were actually made by Old Dutch, our hopes were not high. Turns out, we were actually quite surprised. We think these come closest to replicating Ruffles out of every off-brand on our list. They’re not perfect, but the ripple texture is much more like Ruffles, and the taste is pretty good. They’re almost as expensive as Ruffles, though. We’d just rather save money and go for a lower-priced option or just pay a little more for the real thing.


Compliments (3.8 / 5)Compliments All Dressed chips

Purchase at: Sobeys / Lawtons / Foodland

Regular price: $2.29 (Sale: $1.25)

Volume: 200g

Cost per 100g: $1.15 at $2.29 ($0.63 at $1.25)

Rippled: No

Compliments’ offering is a bit pricey for an off-brand, except when on sale, and have an overall nice flavour balance. While the flavouring itself is alright, it’s fairly weak. This was especially noticeable when directly comparing with some of the higher-ranked options on our list. None of the chips in our bag had that dark-orange color from a heavy dosing of flavouring. These aren’t really worth the regular price of $2.29 per bag, but quite frequently go on sale for $1.25, which is much more reasonable!


President’s Choice (4 / 5)President's Choice All Dressed chips

Purchase at: Dominion / Loblaws / No Frills / Shoppers

Regular price: $1.99 ($1.69 sale seen at Dominion)

Volume: 200g

Cost per 100g: $1.00 ($0.85 at $1.69)

Rippled: Yes

President’s Choice “Loads of All Dressed” aren’t kidding with the name. These are packed with a delicious all-dressed flavour that doesn’t perfectly replicate Ruffles, but it doesn’t matter, it still tastes great. However, since the next entry from Great Value comes in at such a lower price point (a price you can get every day without waiting for a sale), it’s hard to find a reason to recommend the PC. If you’re shopping at a store that sells these, choosing PC over No Name is a no-brainer and a better deal than Ruffles. If you find them on sale, it’s a reasonable choice.



Great Value (4.5 / 5)

Great Value All Dressed chipsPurchase at: Walmart

Regular price: $0.97

Volume: 200g

Cost per 100g: $0.49

Rippled: Yes

At just $0.97 per bag regular price, Great Value’s All Dressed offering comes in at the lowest regular price on our list. They’re also rippled, just like Ruffles, although the ripples are much wider than Ruffles.

Great Value didn’t let us down. Although the flavour balance seemed a little off (Seemingly a bit heavy on BBQ, with a taste resembling Hickory Sticks) these chips were rich, salty, and super tasty. They also didn’t give quite the “cheap” chip impression that we got from No Name. While not in the same league as Ruffles, at $0.97 per bag, we believe that this combination of price and taste makes Great Value a real winner!


Ruffles (3.5 / 5)Ruffles All Dressed chips

Purchase at: Anywhere

Regular price: $3.49-$3.99+

Volume: 220g

Cost per 100g: $1.81 at $3.99

Rippled: Yes

As we said, Ruffles are the gold standard of All Dressed. However, regularly priced at $3.99 per 220g bag, they come at a premium! This is what inspired us to write this post in the first place. A bag of Ruffles All Dressed are great, but $4 a bag is steep! They’re even pricier if you buy them at a convenience store.

While the high cost deflated Ruffles rating, there is a potential saving grace. If you’re a Costco member, you can get a sweet deal on a giant 585 bag for $4.99, or a cost of $0.85 per 100g, which is pretty close to on par with any of the off-brands. You can also find party size Ruffles at some grocery stores, which gets you 380g for $4.49, or $1.18 per 100g.

WINNER – Best All Dressed ChipsGreat Value All Dressed chips

Hands down, the winner and answer to the question “which All Dressed chips should I buy?” Walmart’s Great Value have it all. They taste delicious, and as an added bonus, are the cheapest off-brand option on our list. Not only that, but they are cheap EVERY DAY, there’s no sale. These chips are $0.97 a bag all the time. There’s no beating such a deal. They go great with any of the sodas only found in Newfoundland, too!


If you have a Costco membership, the giant bag of Ruffles is a good choice. It’s slightly more expensive than the Great Value, but you get the authentic Ruffles and only have to spend a little more. For those of us without access to Costco, and not near a Walmart, the PC or Compliments offerings on sale are a great choice.


[BONUS] Compliments Extraaa! Flavour

Purchase at: SobeysCompliments Extraaa! All Dressed chips

Regular price: $2.29 (Sale: $1.25)

Volume: 200g

Cost per 100g: $1.15 at $2.29 ($0.63 at $1.25)

Rippled: Yes

A second kind of Compliments All Dressed chips. Marketed as “Extraaa! Flavour”, these are carried at some Sobeys stores alongside their normal All Dressed offering, and severely upped the Compliments brand offering. Not only did they solve the weak flavour problem, but were also rippled. These were also priced the same as the normal Compliments All Dressed.

They’re a fine choice but still don’t beat Great Value’s overall value, and aren’t always available or purchase.