May 24th in Newfoundland

Victoria Day is a statutory holiday in Canada celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25, acknowledging Queen Victoria's birthday. May 24th in Newfoundland is also commonly referred to as "May 24th Weekend" or "May Two-Four", referencing a "two-four" ...

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5 St. John’s Food Trucks You Have to Try

Krave - St. John's Food Trucks

Food trucks are gaining popularity around Newfoundland and Labrador. We want to try them all, but for now let's look at the St. John's food trucks we've tried and think you should too. Be careful, because reading any further is going to give you a se...

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Renting a Cabin in Newfoundland

Cabin, cottage, chalet, vacation home, summer home, whatever you call it, they're loved in Newfoundland!

The term "cabin" is what most Newfoundlanders will use, though cottage is quite common in other geographic areas. Either way, we're generally ...

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