Best Fish & Chips in Newfoundland

Leo's Fish & Chips

When you visit Newfoundland, trying some local Fish & Chips is a must. Made with fresh, local cod, fish & chips is a cultural symbol in Newfoundland and it’s the best you’ll find in the world.

While you can hardly go wrong trying Fish & Chips at any local restaurant in Newfoundland, ensure that you’ve picked a good one and are not experiencing fish & chips at a chain restaurant. This is one dish that you really need to leave in the hands of locals!

Being on the ocean, seafood is a big Newfoundland tradition. Here is the freshest you’ll ever find it. Straight from the ocean to your plate (ok, cooked first!) is the only way to enjoy!

Our picks for best fish & chips in St. John’s, Newfoundland!

1. The Duke of Duckworth


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Our own personal favorite and #1 pick is the Duke of Duckworth. The Duke may very well serve the best fi & chi in the WORLD! As many customers will attest, the Duke offers a great atmosphere, many choices of beer on tap, friendly staff, and a mouth-watering fish & chips recipe. Make sure you order it with dressing and gravy for the full experience. With such great food, it can get busy. There are no reservations, so you may have to wait, but that’s a great opportunity to sip a pint and meet some friendly locals! This is a pub, so if you’re traveling with children you may want to choose a more family-friendly spot!

2. Ches’s Famous Fish & Chips

A household name in Newfoundland for over 60 years, Ches’s is in a league of its own. Ches’s is a family-run business with 7 locations across Newfoundland, all offering take-out or a comfortable, homey dine-in experience. Ches’s unique recipes and flavors give their fish & chips a delicious taste that you won’t find anywhere else. If you see a Ches’s sign, pull in and treat yourself immediately!

3. Leo’s

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Another restaurant with a rich history serving up delicious Newfoundland fish & chips. Leo’s is family-run, and you’ll find it at the heart of downtown St. John’s. It’s the favorite of many locals and celebrities alike, such as Rick Mercer, Allan Hawko, Alan Doyle and more! While waiting for your meal, check out some of the photos on their walls of past visitors like The Barenaked Ladies, Trailer Park Boys, Ken Dryden and more!

Are Newfoundland Fish & Chips Really That Good?

The hype surrounding fish & chips from Newfoundland is no joke. Ask anybody who has ever tried it!

Locals who travel away from the island know that they’re in for a disappointment should they order a plate of fish & chips somewhere else. Nothing comes close to fish & chips made in Newfoundland with fresh cod.

Above, we listed 3 fish & chips places in St. John’s, but there are many more across the island – some well known, some off the beaten path, that are sure to give you the authentic experience that you’ll never forget. Dicks’ on Bell Island and By The Beach in St. Phillip’s are a couple more well-known fish & chip places, but the possibilities really are endless. We do highly recommend that you try at least one of the 3 we mentioned above.


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Dressing & Gravy

Wherever you end up enjoying your fish & chips, you’ll likely be asked by the server if you would like dressing and gravy with it. You’ve certainly heard of gravy, but how about dressing? Often times if you go anywhere outside of Newfoundland and ask for dressing like this, they won’t know what you’re talking about!

To get the full Newfoundland fish & chips experience, it’s highly recommended that you answer “yes!” to this question. After all, you’ve traveled so far for this trip, you must do it right!

Just like each place will have its own unique fish batter, they will all have unique gravy as well.

Dressing, and we don’t mean salad dressing, can be thought of as “stuffing” that you might find inside a turkey. It’s generally made from bread crumbs, savory, and sometimes with onions. This heavenly combination of dressing, gravy, and your fish & chips has to be tasted to be believed!

Another common dish for Newfoundlanders to order is a CD&G, or “Chips, Dressing, and Gravy.” Chips being french fries in this case.

We’re sure that once you try a Newfoundland Fish & Chips, you’ll want to come back for more!

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