6 Places for Food After Partying on George Street

George Street at Night

George Street is the home of nightlife in St. John’s. It’s very common for local bar-goers to stay out until alcohol can no longer be legally sold. After a few hours of slinging back beer that you can’t get anywhere else, you’re going to be hungry! You might have been smart and planned ahead by leaving a delicious snack at home. If not, don’t fear, there are some places in walking distance to get some post-George Street food.

The Celtic Hearth


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The Celtic Hearth‘s neon sign boasting that they’re open 24 hours a day will catch your eye at night. You’ll get a late-night menu that is simplified yet still has plenty of pub food options to end the night.



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The popular sandwich chain Subway has several locations throughout the province. The one right next to George Street is open 24 hours, and dining there late at night will surely be unlike any other time you’ve eaten at Subway.

Ziggy Peelgood’s


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In business since 1986, Ziggy Peelgood’s Famous French Fries has several mobile locations and has recently opened a permanent one. Known by the locals as just Ziggy’s, they’ve got a truck right next to George Street where the taxis hang out. Open until 3:00AM on Friday and Saturday, it’s also ideal if you need a quick bite while bar hopping.

Smoke’s Poutinerie


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This nationwide chain serves up Canada’s favourite dish until 4:00AM from Thursday to Saturday. It’s a bit further of a walk than the other options, but hey, poutine. You can even customize it!

Jungle Jim’s


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Jungle Jim’s started in St. John’s in 1991 and can now be found in four provinces in total. It’s a family restaurant that has a slight focus on Mexican food. With the widest array of menu options on this list, the Holdsworth Court location is open until 4:00AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mary Brown’s


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Downtown St. John’s is quite lacking in fast food chains compared to other downtown areas in Canada. Mary Brown’s, a chicken chain originally founded in St. John’s, made a big move in 2019 when they opened a location on Water Street. This one is open much later than other locations in the city!

Bonus Advice: Maybe Think Twice Before Eating the Hot Dogs


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A few hot dog carts can be found on George Street, and the general consensus if you ask someone from St. John’s is to not eat from them, although there’s no trouble to see people doing so. Most of the negative sentiment stems from the fear of cleanliness not being up to par. After all, it is a BBQ on wheels parked on George Street at 3 in the morning. To be fair, though, the hot dog carts have perfectly compliant food premises inspection reports at the time of writing.

These George Street food places are sure to satisfy your appetite after celebrating your screech in!