What is Chips, Dressing, and Gravy?

Order a “chips, dressing, and gravy” anywhere outside of Newfoundland and you may very well end up with some potato chips covered in salad dressing.

Dressing, commonly known as “stuffing” and found inside a thanksgiving turkey, is created from bread crumbs, savory, and sometimes onions. You’ll find it included with various Newfoundland dishes such as fish & chips and cooked dinner.

Now that you know what dressing is in Newfoundland, you probably have a good idea of what a chips, dressing, and gravy is. Chips, being french fries in this case, topped with dressing and smothered in gravy. Some places will serve the dressing on the bottom, but that’s a minor detail. Most times you can even simply order a “C, D, and G” and your request will be understood. Saying fries instead of chips is also acceptable!


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Given that fish & chips are commonly served with dressing and gravy, it stands to reason that once upon a time somebody had the idea of enjoying the meal without fish, which produced a lovely snack.

What is all the hype around dressing? We’re not sure. Perhaps its main purpose is to soak up tasty gravy. Made with local Mt. Scio Farm savory, you’re sure to love it!

If you’re visiting Newfoundland for the first time, it’s imperative that you try fish & chips. In that case, get dressing and gravy with it, and you’ll essentially be learning what a chips, dressing, and gravy is at the same time. Make sure you check out our article on the best fish & chips in Newfoundland.

Chips, dressing, and gravy is a delight mostly found in Newfoundland, but you can find it at some restaurants on the mainland. Commonly this option will be called Newfoundland Fries or Newfie Fries. This is not to be confused with Newfoundland Poutine.