Traditional Newfoundland Foods to Try

Anytime you visit a new place, you’re sure to explore some of the cuisine the area has to offer! Experiencing authentic cuisine is a great way to experience culture, and you’ll be happy to know that Newfoundland has lots of great foods to offer.

While there are many great restaurants to try, this article will focus specifically on foods and dishes that are unique or must-tries while you visit Newfoundland, and we’ll point out some places to find them along the way!

Fish & Chips

If you only try one dish while you’re here, make it fish and chips! This meal is of British origin, and with Newfoundland’s abundance of fresh seafood and its ties to Britain, there’s no wonder we’ve perfected the tradition! Fish & Chips is a cultural symbol in Newfoundland, and you won’t have to go far to find it.


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Perhaps you’ve had fish & chips before and aren’t quite sure what all the hype is about. We’re sure that you’ll understand after trying it in Newfoundland! First of all, fish & chips in Newfoundland are made with cod fish. Not only is cod fish delicious, but seasonally available FRESH! Right from the ocean, battered, fried, and onto your plate.

The pieces of fish are usually long and slender in shape, and you can order based on the number of pieces you’d like. A “one piece fish and chips” or “two piece fish and chips” are quite common.

While you’re ordering, don’t forget to ask for dressing and gravy, too! Dressing, known outside of Newfoundland as “stuffing” that you might find inside a turkey, is made with bread crumbs, savory, and sometimes with onions. This heavenly combination must  be tasted to be believed!

Our top recommendation for where to get fish & chips in Newfoundland is The Duke of Duckworth, but there are many places serving up mouthwatering fish and chips. Check out our Best Fish & Chips in Newfoundland article to learn more.


Because of its location and being surrounded by ocean, Newfoundland is well-known for fresh seafood, but there’s more than just fish to try!


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Moose are massive creatures of the deer family, and are not native to Newfoundland. As an initiative to attract hunters to the island’s interior, the Newfoundland government brought 4 Moose to the island in 1904. To make a long story short, the population thrived and moose became part of the province’s identity. Moose hunting (and eating) is very common across the province, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to try moose meat while you’re here!

Moose hunting is humane, and one of the best parts is that moose are wild creatures. There are no hormones or steroids here. Moose meat can be found cooked in various forms, even used on burgers or nachos at some restaurants! Be sure to check the menu when you dine.


You might think that a touton is just a ball of dough, and you’d be right, but they’re still delicious! Most commonly eaten during breakfast with a topping of maple syrup, butter, jam, or molasses, toutons are fried in oil or fat, giving them a crispy, golden, and delicious outer layer. Molasses may be an acquired taste, so you might want to wait before pouring it all over your touton, just try a little bit first. Syrup is much sweeter and tastier!


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You won’t have to look hard to find a touton, virtually any restaurant serving breakfast in Newfoundland will have them!

Jiggs’ Dinner / Cooked Dinner / Sunday Dinner / Boiled Dinner

There are many names for this meal, use them interchangeably in Newfoundland, everybody will know what you mean. Jiggs’ Dinner usually includes some specific boiled vegetables such as turnip, potato, cabbage, and carrot. A turkey usually goes with this, and most times you’ll find some other joys as well such as “salt meat” or “salt beef”, pease pudding, gravy, and dessert!


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Many restaurants in Newfoundland serve this meal at least one day a week, and it’s common for residents to enjoy it each Sunday. One of our favorite spots in the province is Rosie’s in Gander.

These are just some of the many unique foods you’ll find in Newfoundland. You might also be interested in learning about Newfoundland Steak!