What Happened to Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy?


We have seen numerous reports from stores in Newfoundland that they are receiving shipments of Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy. Three confirmed locations are Jim’s Value Grocer in Grand Falls-Windsor, Abbott’s Convenience in Aspen Cove / Ladle Cove, and Collins’ Cloverfarm in Fortune. Collins’ Cloverfarm is now sold out but hoping for more stock on October 26th.

Let us know where you have seen Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy back in stock!




If you’ve been searching for Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy in recent months, you’ve probably seen empty shelves where they should be.

We hate to cause a panic, but there is a shortage of Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy.

They can be enjoyed right out of the can, on top of french fries, or countless other ways. In fact, Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy on french fries has been dubbed “Newfoundland Poutine.” Newfoundland has long-enjoyed this delicious canned food. We also refer to it as Meatballs & Gravy, even though the can clearly reads Gravy & Meatballs.

At some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, we began to notice that there were no more Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy available. We checked every grocery store. Nothing. Amazon and Walmart both show out of stock online.

Fraser Farm’s Response

After this carried on for weeks, it seemed like something was definitely wrong. This has been verified on their twitter account at the end of July, where Fraser Farm indicated that it was indeed a supply issue due to shutdown on production.

Fraser Farm Meatballs response

As of October, when much of business has seemingly gotten back to normal, there still has been no update on Fraser Farms Meatballs & Gravy. Some consumers are beginning to speculate that they may be discontinued for good. Say it ain’t so!

There has been no official word from the company aside from the above tweet back in July. So, let’s not panic too much yet. The pandemic has been challenging enough, and suffering through it without the comfort of these meatballs has been very sad.

Another tweet indicated that more Puritan brands from the parent company, Conagra Foodservice, have also had their production scaled back or halted and are in short supply.

Where All the Fraser Farm Meatballs & Gravy?

We’re not entirely sure if there are no meatballs available, or just a very limited supply. If you’ve seen any for sale recently, please let us know. We’ll understand if you don’t want to reveal exactly which store!

Luckily, there seems to have been no shortage of other Newfoundland favourites during the pandemic. Maybe some Fries, Dressing, and Gravy will also feed your craving.

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