Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Newfoundland

As electric vehicle’s continue to rise in popularity, the infrastructure needs to be in place to make driving them long distances a possibility. Just as gas-powered cars need gasoline from a gas station, electric vehicles need to charge with electricity. While various private and public buildings have made electric chargers available, traveling across the province remained an issue until now. Electric vehicle charging stations in Newfoundland are now here.

14 fast chargers have been constructed along the Trans Canada Highway between St. John’s and Port aux Basques. This ends Newfoundland’s status as the only province in Canada without public high-speed vehicle chargers.

The project was undertaken by NL Hydro. They went through a detailed process to determine exactly where the chargers should be located. There’s an average of 70km between each charger.

Not only will residents with electric vehicles benefit from the new chargers, but it’s expected to help the tourism industry as well. If electric vehicles are indeed the future, then this is a step in the right direction for Newfoundland.

EV Charger Locations / NLHydro.com

TCH Charger Locations (East to West)

  1. St. John’s
    The Shoppes at Galway
  2. Holyrood
  3. Whitbourne
    Irving Oil
  4. Goobies
    Irving Oil
  5. Port Blandford
    Rudy’s Restaurant & Gas Bar
  1. Glovertown
    Splash N Putt Resort
  2. Gander
  3. Bishop’s Falls
    Irving Oil
  4. South Brook
    Eddie’s Restaurant
  5. Deer Lake
    Irving Oil
  1. Rocky Harbour
  2. Corner Brook
    Irving Oil (Confederation Drive)
  3. Stephenville
    Days Inn
  4. Port aux Basques
    Irving Oil

Planning a trip? Check out the detailed charger map on NL Hydro’s website.

In addition to the 14 chargers being installed by NL Hydro, Newfoundland Power’s TakeCHARGE is installing 19 more in various communities. This will allow residents and tourists to get farther off the beaten path in their EV, without needing a tow truck to return to the beaten path.

Most EVs are charged using home chargers which usually provides lots of juice for getting around town. If you’re on the go a lot, there are already many convenient chargers located around the province. You can locate charging stations in Newfoundland using PlugShare.


The TakeCHARGE website has lots of info about owning an electric vehicle in Newfoundland.