It’s Newfoundland AND Labrador, Not Newfoundland Labrador

Newfoundland Labrador and removal

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the “and” in our province’s name gets removed? Let’s get into the topic of Newfoundland Labrador “and” removal.

This is a strange phenomenon, because there’s no debate in the name of our province. It’s Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s not Newfoundland Labrador. Even if it was, wouldn’t there need to be a slash in there anyway to make it Newfoundland/Labrador? The “and” is there to point out that there are two parts of our province – Newfoundland and Labrador.

Often, Newfoundland and Labrador will be shorted to just Newfoundland (like in our name!). We think that’s okay. At least there’s a clean cut after the first word, whereas Newfoundland Labrador just skips over what is an important link.

Examples of Removing “And”

The Provincial Government

The biggest culprit of removing “and” from the province’s name is actually the provincial government. Their logo leaves out the “and.” You would think this would be the one organization who strictly uses our name correctly. The most common use of this logo is on provincial license plates, so you’ll see this abomination used pretty much every day. It can be seen in tourism commercials as well.

Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation

This is another government-owned organization that partakes in Newfoundland Labrador “and” removal. We’re seeing a pattern here! The NLC oversees the selling of alcohol (and exclusive beers) for the entire province – Newfoundland and Labrador. You might ask yourself, “shouldn’t it actually be NLLC?” Well, this corporation has been around for a long time, but we only added the “and Labrador” to our province’s name in 2001. As long as they keep selling Lucky Lager and Mad Jack, we can’t complain about their naming choice.


Using several names since its sign-on in 1950, this AM radio station rebranded to in 2010. Bit of a mouthful, and much more complicated than the Radio Newfoundland branding that had been used for ten years prior. There’s no doubt that our province’s name is rather long, but just removing “and” didn’t make this station’s name any better. CJYQ is now branded as Kixx Country.

Other Instances

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’ve seen any more Newfoundland Labrador “and” removal!