Lay’s Fries and Gravy Chips – Only in Newfoundland?

Lay’s Fries and Gravy chips are a mainstay at convenience stores across Newfoundland and Labrador. We here at NL Times love picking up a bag on a stroll to the local store after having a few Newfoundland beer. We’ve thought all along that the Fries and Gravy flavour was only available in Newfoundland, but maybe we’re wrong.

The History of Lay’s Fries and Gravy

There is not very much history available online about this delicious flavour. However, we have seen some blogs and videos published in recent years saying that this flavour is new and being tested. That is completely false! Fries’n Gravy chips have been in Newfoundland for a long time. For example, here’s someone talking about the flavour online in 2007.

Current Availability

Lay's Fries and Gravy chips

We were surprised when we accessed the Lay’s website recently. It says that their Fries and Gravy flavour is “available in Atlantic Canada.” This is news to us, so we tried searching the web for some more info.

We found little information about Lay’s Fries and Gravy chips being available in the rest of Atlantic Canada. There was one person in Calgary who grew up in Nova Scotia and was looking for the chips. There’s been a few sightings in other Canadian cities as well, but it looks like these are cases of the chips being imported from Newfoundland. The same thing happens occasionally at specialty shops throughout the country that sell Newfoundland-exclusive Crush soda flavours.

Oddly, the Lay’s website states that Roast Chicken chips are only sold in Atlantic Canada as well. There is plenty of evidence online that they are in all of Atlantic Canada. No questions there! They too are found in random stores throughout the country.

Where Can I Buy Lay’s Fries and Gravy Chips?

Based on our research, it looks like you can buy them:

  • Throughout Newfoundland at most convenience stores (based on experience!)
  • Possibly in the other Atlantic provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI)
  • Random Newfoundland/East Coast specialty stores in Canada

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