3 Beautiful Newfoundland Campgrounds

Newfoundland Camping

Canada is a country that offers exceptional beauty and nature full of excitement, especially for travel enthusiasts. It has numerous exceptional landscapes and a suitable ground that readily awaits for campers and nature lovers. For that reason, camping becomes more popular every year in Canada and people from all over the country, as well as the world, yearn to visit some of the most beautiful camping sites and national parks.

But why is camping so popular? To begin with, it enables you to witness the unforgettable nature but also to experience the most exciting and interesting outdoor activities. Camping allows you to rest your mind, to soak up the soul of the untouched nature, to live through memorable moments that will forever remain carved in your memory. And to put it brief, camping is a must if you are visiting Canada because the country has the extraordinary park truly worth visiting. Of course, we are talking about Newfoundland – a place where you will embrace the nature and become one with it.

What Is So Special About Newfoundland?

Located in the eastern part of Canada, the island of Newfoundland together with the mainland called Labrador makes a unique province known all around the world for its beauty and lovely nature. The island and the mainland contain a total of 13 provincial parks, numerous private parks, and most importantly 3 national parks. Some of them are named UNESCO World Heritage Sites and should you decide to visit them, you will undoubtedly have a whole lot to see and experience beginning from geology, scenery, flora and fauna.

Many of the parks offer camping. It is here where you can spend life changing moments, and in this article, we have chosen to present you only a couple of them.

Newman Sound Campground

Terra Nova National Park is surely a place where you want to put your camp and enjoy the nature. A place where Atlantic Coast meats amazing boreal forests is perfect for all nature lovers who enjoy staying in the wilderness.


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But the best location for camping is the Newman Sound Campground located in the center of the park, not far away from the highway. It is a great spot for those visitors who love camping but also desire some amenities such as running water and a hot shower. There is a laundromat and a small grocery shop too, so you will have plenty of everything you might need.

There are hundreds of hiking treks that will let you roam the forests, cross over the mountain creeks, maybe see some moose, and enjoy the view on the coast from a cliff. But Newman Sound Campground is actually not the main spot for hikers since most of the people coming here are actually fonds of canoeing or kayaking. Don’t be scared if you meet some whales while rowing over the sea. The coast of Newfoundland is their natural migration route so they are almost native here. Anyway, Newman Sound Campground is definitively a good spot for sensing the true spirit of Newfoundland so be sure to visit it.

Lockston Path Provincial Park Campground

Another amazing destination in Newfoundland is the Bonavista Penninsula that has only few hiking trails but is still a hot spot for campers. The best place to camp is the Lockston Path Provincial Park Campground which is well-equipped and ready to host some new guests. People usually spend their time here swimming or canoeing but you should also check out the short trails. They might not be long but are definitively full of attractions particularly with native animals such as beaver, moose or mink. You might see some black bears too but it may be wiser not to get too close to them, for obvious reasons. You can also use this camp as a base for exploring the native communities that will widen your horizons.


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Trout River Pond Campground

Located in the Gros Morne National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this camping site is something you should not miss. Freshwater fjords, creeks, and forests make this picturesque area a great starting point for new adventures. Apart from regular services Trout River Pond Campground is available for online reservations. Amazing hiking trails will leave you breathless and make you want to stay a bit longer than planned.