5 Cool Facts About the Trinity Loop Abandoned Amusement Park

Trinity Loop

The Trinity Loop amusement park began offering up summer fun to Newfoundlanders in the late 1980s. Despite being permanently closed in 2004, it has lately been a popular destination for people who enjoy exploring abandoned buildings or taking eerie photographs. There are no plans to resurrect the park any time soon. Here are 5 facts you may not have known about the abandoned Trinity Loop.

The Ferris Wheel Collapsed in 2018


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After 14 years of inactivity, the old ferris wheel suddenly collapsed in 2018. Surely the high winds of Newfoundland and 2011’s hurricane Igor didn’t help the situation.

It was Almost Sold in 2011


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Owner of the amusement park, Francis Kelly, claimed in 2011 that the sale of the park would soon be finalized. An elected official, Trinity North MHA Ross Wiseman, said that the park was no longer Kelly’s as it had been reverted back to Crown land. Given the dilapidated state that the Trinity Loop is still in, it appears that the sale did not go through. Who may have wanted to buy it and what their plans were remains a mystery.

It’s an Official Provincial Heritage Structure


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The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Association has officially designated the Trinity Train Loop as a registered heritage structure. The irony here is that it becomes less of a structure with each passing day and there is little hope that this trend will be reversed.

It’s a Popular Photography Spot


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From weddings to professional models, the Trinity Loop’s unique photography opportunities draw people from all over the country to this day.

The Owner Won an Award For the Park in 1990

The Memorial University of Newfoundland presents the annual P.J. Gardiner Newfoundland and Labrador Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It is given to an individual who is strengthening our province’s economy and business community as well as serving as a role model for today’s youth. In 1990, the winner was Francis Kelly for his work with the Trinity Loop. The park won’t be winning more awards any time soon.

Luckily, the Trinity Loop isn’t the only place that Newfoundlanders have depended on for a summer amusement park experience.