5 St. John’s Food Trucks You Have to Try

Krave - St. John's Food Trucks

Food trucks are gaining popularity around Newfoundland and Labrador. We want to try them all, but for now let’s look at the St. John’s food trucks we’ve tried and think you should too. Be careful, because reading any further is going to give you a serious craving for a feed!

Big Boy Baos

Big Boy Baos - St. John's Food Trucks

You might be wondering, what is a bao? Well, it’s a type of Chinese bun that has a very unique texture when compared to your average loaf of bread. They usually have some kind of filling, but Big Boy Baos splits theirs open and creates a burger-like snack, among other things.

Johnny & Mae’s

Johnny & Mae's - St. John's Food Trucks

Who doesn’t love a big ol’ dirty burger? The signature dish at Johnny & Mae’s is the Big McKenna burger, and you’re gonna wanna try that. Come with an empty stomach. Their poutines are great too, but don’t plan to eat both on the same trip. Your stomach is too small.

Krave – Licensed to Grill

Krave - St. John's Food Trucks

What’s great about Krave is that they periodically switch up their menu. From Indian, to Mexican, to Nova Scotian (donair), you can always find something Krave-worthy. They’re out in Conception Bay South but certainly worth the drive.

Oh My Cheeses

Oh My Cheeses - St. John's Food Trucks

Grilled cheese is in, and Oh My Cheeses has us covered with their delicious take on this go-to comfort food. Usually parked at Port Rexton Brewery, you can find this food truck in St. John’s at the Farmers Market on every Saturday.

Indian Express

Indian Express - St. John's Food Trucks

Probably the most popular of the St. John’s food trucks, Indian Express changes locations regularly so have your wallet and appetite ready when it comes to your neck of the woods. You can even get their food at some local convenience stores! If you’re going that route, make sure to grab a can of Crush to wash it down.