Special Newfoundland Cocktail: Birch Bum

We’ve shown you many beers that are only available in Newfoundland, but what if you’re more of a spirits person? Not to worry!

You can still enjoy a drink made from ingredients only found in Newfoundland.

Presenting the Birch Bum cocktail!

At the heart of this drink is Crush Birch Beer, one of the 6 Crush sodas you can only buy on the rock.


  1. 1.5oz Rum
  2. Crush Birch Beer
  3. Ice

Put some ice in a standard highball glass, lowball glass, solo cup, dog dish, or any other type beverage holding device you can find.

Add 1.5oz of rum or spiced rum. For this to be made only with Newfoundland ingredients, we suggest Screech or George Street Spiced. But, in keeping with the Newfoundland spirit, feel free to use whichever liquor you have lying around, that’s the beauty of the Birch Bum. Though it’s name is derived from rum, you can use anything.

Top off your drink to taste with Crush Birch Beer and stir. If you’re fancy you can even garnish with a Purity Jam Jam or Kiss. Purity syrups can also inspire countless other Newfoundland cocktail ideas!

This delicious, uniquely-colored drink will have everybody asking “what are you having?” and you can tell them “I have a birch bum!”