Signal Hill Fence Goes Up, Then Comes Down

Almost as fast as it went up, a new fence constructed at Signal Hill is now being taken down.

Earlier this week Parks Canada was ridiculed for their decision to construct a giant fence near the Signal Hill Interpretation Center. Opponents, including comedian Rick Mercer, claimed that the fence blocked a view of the city, was an eyesore, and were shocked that construction seemed to proceed without any consultations with local residents or the city.


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The fence was constructed about halfway up Signal Hill where the Interpretation Center is located. When questioned on the matter, a spokesperson for Parks Canada claimed that the fence was intended to improve the experience for those coming to see performances like the Signal Hill Tattoo, in other words, block the view of those who did not pay for a ticket.

He also pointed out that the fence would help prevent near-misses and traffic slow-downs as drivers passing through would try to catch a glimpse of performances taking place. Hilariously, it was Parks Canada who re-routed the road to force drivers to pass through this area in the first place.

A temporary fence had been in place before the new wooden fence went up, and a similar temporary fence will be used going forward.