Free WiFi in St. John’s Public Parks

The City of St. John’s, thanks to a donation from the Canadian Medical Association Foundation, has introduced two free WiFi zones for public use.

Like similar initiatives taken by other municipalities around the world, the WiFi is helpful for all residents and visitors. The two areas for free WiFi in St. John’s, Victoria Park and Bannerman park, were strategically chosen. This was based on their proximity to “non-market housing locations and street outreach services.” Both zones are on bus routes and are not far from shelters, transitional housing, and housing developments.

Signs within the parks mark the best areas for a strong signal. Hopefully this is the beginning of many more free WiFi zones to come.

There have been many business offering free Wifi in St. John’s for years now, just like anywhere else. It’s great to see that we now have free Wifi in some of our public parks. Who doesn’t love a good babreque or frisbee pic for the gram? This is a step in the right direction for residents and visitors of St. John’s.

There are other ways to access free WiFi in Newfoundland as well. Useful for travelers and budget-conscious smartphone users. Check out our Newfoundland WiFi article!