5 Indoor Things to Do in Newfoundland When the Weather’s Bad

Ask anybody in Newfoundland and they’ll tell you, we’re not known for having great weather! But we are known for making the best of it and still having a good time.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the middle of summer, here are 5 activities that you can enjoy year-round, no matter what it’s like outside.

1. Throw a Shed Party


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This one is simple. All you need is some beer, some chips, a few friends, some music, and shed. Then let the good times roll!

2. Go Axe Throwing at Jack Axes


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What’s more fun than throwing sharp objects around? Plus you can grab a local brew while you do it!

3. Go for Dinner

Whether it’s a casual fish and chips at The Duke or a fancy meal at Mallard Cottage, there are tons of hidden gems on the Newfoundland dining scene.

4. See a Movie and Play Some Games At The Rec Room


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Have a laugh and challenge your friends to some fun at The Rec Room with their awesome arcade! Before or after, you can take in a movie at the attached Cineplex theatre. They even have package deals!

5. Go Glow Bowling at Plaza Bowl


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Bowling is fun, glow bowling is even more fun! Throw on some white clothes and bring the whole family. If it’s an adults-only night, you can even grab some beers from the bar and a snack from their kitchen.

There you have it, 5 indoor things to do in Newfoundland when the weather’s bad!