12 Signs You’re a 90s Newfoundland Child

You Were Born at the Grace Hospital



You’ve Been to a Red Circle Before You Knew What Circle K Was


You Remember When the Village Mall had a Walmart, Sears, Dominion, and Most Importantly, a Water Fountain


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You Used to Watch The Simpsons at 5:30PM on CBC before supper


One of the Schools You Went to is Permanently Closed



Your First George Street Experience Was Listening to 90s Dance Music on Magic 97 Every Weekend

You’ve Rushed to Find Money and Chase Down Dickie Dee

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You’ve Watched a Movie at Empire Theatres While Eating Taco Bell

Empire Theatres Studio 12 St. John's

… Checked the Movie Listings in the Telegram Before You Went…

…And Played Some Games at Starcade After!



You’ve Been to a Birthday Party at McDonald’s…


…Or Totally Tubular


You’ve Watched the St. John’s Maple Leafs at Memorial Stadium before Mile One existed


Your Family Had 1 Cell Phone, It Didn’t Even Have Games, and You Weren’t Allowed to Use It


You Heard This on OZFM Every Friday on the Way To School


  1. […] oldest and only independent TV station has always been as unique as the province itself. Anyone who grew up in Newfoundland before the days of Netflix and YouTube has surely watched their fair share of NTV. Thanks to this, they’ve surely got the NTV theme […]

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